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Rational use of resources, responsible attitude to the environment is an important part of the corporate philosophy of COC REALTY. The company adheres to the environmentally friendly management principles, actively develops energy efficient projects and makes “green” investments. From the very foundation, we have been working to ensure the environmental safety and the environmental protection, take comprehensive measures to reduce the negative impact on nature, while maintaining a high level of comfort and quality of services provided.


built in 3 regions

For creation, development, implementation and further operation of new projects and products, we take into account the resources required and the level of environmental safety, and also urge our partners to comply with the environmental standards. Taking into account that the volume of water consumption is constantly growing, and underground water sources are limited, we have implemented a waste disposal system at our rotational facilities. Waste management service is based on three principles - disposal, reuse and recycling. Wastewater treatment plants have different stages of wastewater treatment. The system is aimed at reducing the harmful effects of waste on human health and the environment. Filtered water is used for technical purposes.

We have also built filtration fields. Land reclamation is carried out in accordance with the norms of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The operation of these facilities determines what kind of water will be discharged unto the environment and how this will further affect the ecosystem. The favorable environment has made it possible to create their own safe flora and fauna on the territory of the evaporation fields for several years. In the process of planning various infrastructure projects, we pay special attention to the preservation of trees and green spaces. Our company makes sure that the projects we create are in harmony with nature. At the same time, COC Realty popularizes the environmental culture, forms new principles of the environmentally-friendly behavior, teaches the basics and new trends. Nature and its parts are not just a means to achieve our goals, it is valuable in itself, and it is in our power to preserve it for future generations.



We are creating a healthy atmosphere in the Company. COC REALTY is known in the market as a dynamically developing investment company with comfortable hotels and rotational villages, safe roads and high-quality services. All this is created by a large team of professionals – top managers, subject matter experts and specialists, consultants, workers. COC Realty employs over 12,000 people and every employee realizes that he and his actions influence the general outcome and the Company’s reputation.

One more important quality – deep involvement of the top management in control of all processes and high adaptivity to any changes. When we see that our clients or the society around us have any problems we try and mobilize to solve them. In this sense COC REALTY is open to dialogue, new initiatives and proposals. Each employee can become a generator of ideas, and the company should be the center of their implementation. COC REALTY is a sort of a second home where they take care of everyone, help in word and deed, rejoice for successes and teach how to be better and more successful.

The Company employs 12000 people

We have created an entire industry in regions which are farthest from megalopolises, breathed new life into the Great Steppe, created jobs and living conditions. At our facilities, people can comfortably work and earn money, live, be creative, join in communities. Our entire management is aimed at effective administration of assets and establishment of conditions for professional and personal growth. We treat each employee with respect and love. This is how we create a new culture and community of COC Realty in Kazakhstan.



We compete fairly and in accordance with laws and business ethics. In the current realities, incorporation of a company is a matter of a few minutes. However, its promotion, carving out a niche, retention of authority and leadership takes decades. Opening the Company in the early 2000s, we strove to create a business project of a new format with an unusual style of work, filled with the spirit of innovation and technology. COC REALTY aims to be a highly efficient, advanced, 100% Kazakhstani company that has created its own industry in the domestic economy and business.

The main rule in our work has always been a focus on long-term investments, high quality of facilities and relationships - with employees, clients, investors, society. Our business, by definition, implies proactive thinking: you need to think ahead of schedule, anticipate risks and potential problems that the future client himself may not have in mind. We have to compete with large hotel chains, international construction and catering companies. And we always strive to compete in such a way that our services are in demand on a global level. As a result, all this leads to a high reputation of the Company. It has always been important for us that no one could ever say that COC Realty has at least one facility, work or service of inadequate quality. To work in such a way that you are trusted is perhaps one of the main rules not only in business, but also in any other relationship.

Today we are already a major player in the construction, transportation, service, catering and hospitality sectors. The Company's philosophy is based on the principles of integrity, honesty, steadfastness, high social responsibility. We actively instill in our employees a culture of mutual assistance, sincerely believe and prove that a business can be built and developed openly and transparently. Therefore, we set long-term plans and focus on future markets and niches. We believe that, through fruitful and effective cooperation, trusting relationships, we will be able to achieve the highest results.



Red ticks! Why red ticks are dangerous?

Many kinds of wild animals, birds and stray animals (foxes, wolves, rodents, seagulls, dogs and cats) inhabit the Tengiz area. Do not treat these animals as domestic or tame.

Animals that carry diseases do not necessarily display symptoms of the disease and may appear healthy. If a person is attacked or bitten by an animal there is always a risk the person can be infected with the disease.

RABIES – one of the most viral diseases is commonly transmitted from the bite of a rabid animal. Initial symptoms are simliar to the flu but progress to cerebral dysfunction, anxiety, confusion, hallucinations, insomia and hydrophobia. Death is common once a person exhibits symptoms of the disease.

  • Keep at a safe distance from any animals and do not approach or contact them;
  • Try to avoid continuous eye contact with an animal, but at the same time don’t loose sight of it;
  • Do not provoke animals’ aggressive reaction by chasing them away from facilities or trying to catch them;
  • Do not feed the animals. This applies both to the operational facility area offices and your accommodations.
  • If you get attacked/bitten by an animal (cat, dog, other animal), always report this to your supervisor.
  • If you get attacked by an animal, seek medical attention immediately;

If you see any stray animal or a body of dead animal, type and condition of the animal and its seen location please inform your supervisor

Your vigilance can save someone`s life! 


Separate waste collection

Article 301 of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan came into force on 01.01.19. Waste not acceptable for landfills. Burial of certain types of waste previously disposed together with solid domestic waste (general waste) at landfills is prohibited by legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In order to comply with the legislation requirements, it is necessary to conduct separate waste collection: plastic, paper, cardboard and glass.

  1. Plastic waste – collected in a blue plastic bag;
  2. Paper and cardboard waste (office paper, paper cut by shredder) – collected in a clear plastic bag;
  3. Glass waste – collected in a green plastic bag;
  4. Solid domestic waste – collected in a black plastic bag.

Food-contaminated plastic and cardboard waste refer to solid domestic waste 



"Caspian Offshore Construction Realty" ("Каспиан Оффшор Констракшн Реалти") LLP provides accommodation services with the full supply of needs, services of management and operation of real estate facilities, catering services, as well as transport services for oil and gas and other companies operating in the western region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Environmental Safety Policy is aimed at preventing and mitigation of the negative impact of Company's activity on the environment.To implement the Environmental Safety Policy, the Company accepts the obligations as follows:

  • Priority to the health and safety of employees, preservation and restoration of the environment favorable for life, work and leisure;
  • Ensuring the conservation of biological diversity and the areas of environment;
  • Ensuring the Ecological Safety;
  • Implementation, maintenance and improvement of an effectiveness of the environmental management system that meets requirements of the international standard ISO 14001;
  • Integration of the environmental management system into the Company's business processes;
  • Implementation of technological solutions to improve the efficiency of using natural and energy resources, pollution prevention, emissions minimization, waste management, and wastewater treatment;
  • Use of the most environmentally friendly materials as possible;
  • Environmental risks assessment, development and implementation of measures for their mitigation;
  • Active and democratic participation of employees in the field of environmental protection;
  • Increase of awareness and competence of personnel on the environmental safety issues;
  • Operating in accordance with legal, regulatory and other applicable requirements;
  • Monitoring of the compliance with established environmental requirements;
  • Cooperation with regional and local authorities in the analysis of emerging environmental issues etc.;
  • Informing stakeholders about its environmental safety requirements;
  • Prevention and exclusion of emergencies, rapid and effective response to incidents, identification and elimination of causes;
  • Improvement of the environmental performance of the Company.

The Management of the Company takes responsibility for providing resources and implementing the Environmental Safety Policy.

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